OnePlus 9R users report audio and heating issue after OxygenOS 13 F.21 update

OnePlus 9R audio heating issue

February 2023 has ended and OnePlus 9R users are still waiting for a new security update that can resolve the audio and heating issue of the device. As per the details, the corresponding phone owners are facing numerous problems after the F.21 update.

Recently, some OnePlus 9R users banged on the community forum and reported the heating and audio issue. Eventually, the audio functions are not working appropriately after the January 2023 update. Besides, the stock as well as the third-party app’s music player is not in a good condition.

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Pointing out the audio problem, a user that his OnePlus 9R phone keeps lagging after the F.21 update. The audio goes off sometimes and overheats from time to time. Further, he asks the company to provide a fix as soon as possible.

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Agreeing with the issue, many consumers mentioned that 9R is badly dealing with the audio issues, even in the calling scenarios.

“Same here! Audio is not working, did you find any solution for that? Even if we received any call during sound gone off. The call will cut automatically. Please someone help.”

OnePlus 9R audio heating issue

That’s not it, the phone is also resulting in absolute heating and extreme battery drainage. This is something that has annoyed the respective device users a lot, in recent days. On the flip side, we have also found some users complaining about the display issues.

Ironically, the January 2023 update reads fixes for the display and the communication section. However, it looks like these fixes have just proved in vain for the OnePlus 9R users. As of now, we are waiting for the February 2023 security update that can become a point of relief for the 9R devices.

So OnePlus 9R users! Are you also facing such kinds of issues after the F.21 update? What have you tried to fix those issues? Let us know in the comment section.


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