Download Nothing Phone 1 wallpapers and ringtone – [Link]

Nothing Phone (1) Wallpaper Ringtones

A few weeks ago, two wallpapers of Nothing Phone (1) were revealed. We assumed that was not all, and we were right, a series of four wallpapers surfaced. All Nothing Phone (1) Official Wallpapers are now available for download.


If you take a look at the gallery given below, you will be able to see these wallpapers. In addition to the two that leaked, two more appeared, with flowers in the background. With some ringtones from the device itself, nothing really was shared like this. Now we have a full set of official Nothing Phone 1 wallpaper and ringtones, all with the same style. It’s all displayed behind a sheet of glass or something.

Nothing Phone (1) Wallpapers

Nothing Phone (1) Ringtone

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Nothing Phone (1) Wallpaper Ringtones

Nothing Phone 1 Wallpapers & Ringtone

These four wallpapers are called ‘Flower (Blue)’, ‘Flower (Purple)’, ‘Abstract (Multicolor)’ and ‘Dog (Black)’. All these wallpapers come in 1242 x 2760 resolution if you choose to download them. The images are in PNG format, you can actually use them on any device.

We’ve also included a link to Nothing Phone (1) boot animations and ringtones, just in case you’re interested. Ringtones come in an OGG format, while the boot animation is a collection of PNG files.

Another thing to note is that you will not be able to use boot animations unless you have root access. Your phone needs to overwrite your current boot animation. This is not something that many of you would like to deal with for good reason.


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