Apple to introduce miniLED backlighting in its iPad Pro models by Q4

The first product of Apple with miniLED backlighting will be iPad Pro. Analyst Ming Chi kuo predicted that iPad Pro could be the first device to support miniLED display with screen size of 12.9-inches in Q4.

The miniLED backlight displays are less prone to burn and has longer battery life than OLED displays. Kuo said that, he expect Apple to implement miniLED screens into 30-40% of iPads and 20-30% of MacBooks until next year.

Kuo further explains his earlier prediction of Apple negotiating low prices. He says that the cost of miniLED could fall by 50% until 2021 and further 35% by 2022.

It was expected that Apple would change iPads and MacBooks to OLED screens. The Apple Watch was the first to adopt the OLED displays and further the display was adopted by flagship iPhones. This year’s iPhone 12 Series is also expected to come with OLED display.

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