DRAM memory prices increased by 26% since April this year

Since April, the price of DRAM memory chips has risen by 26%. Taking DDR4 8Gb (1GB) particles as an example, the chip was quoted at 3.8 US dollars (24.6 yuan) at the end of April, a 26.67% increase from the previous month.

This is the largest monthly increase of DRAM chips since January 2017, when the price rose by 35.8% within a month. Taking the end of 2020 as a reference, the price of DRAM chips reached its lowest point in October last year, and then rose slightly and remained unchanged.

According to TrendForce, a market research organization, the increase in memory chip prices is due to the large purchases of OEM computer manufacturers. The unit price of mainstream 8GB DDR4 notebook memory sticks also rose by 24% to US$32.4.

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The study pointed out that this is due to the increase in output of notebook manufacturers, resulting in a shortage of memory on the market. TrendForce previously predicted that PC manufacturers’ sales volume is expected to increase by 20% in 2021 and that the output of notebook computers in the second quarter is expected to increase by 8% over the first quarter.

The agency also added that in the third quarter of this year, DRAM memory prices will rise further. DRAMeXchange also announced the price of flash memory particles as of April 29. The results showed that the price of 128Gb (16GB) MLC particles also increased by 8.57%, with an average price of US$4.56, or approximately RMB 29.53.

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