Oh! These are not OnePlus 11 smartphone renders: Tipster

Oh! These are not OnePlus 11 smartphone renders: Tipster

OnePlus is quite busy with the upcoming high-end model – the OnePlus 11 development. In the meantime, many eager analysts are fetching and bringing exclusive details about the next flagship model. In the latest edition, we surface some interesting news regarding the OnePlus 11 smartphone renders.

According to a Twitter tipster, the recent renders and leaked images of the OnePlus 11 smartphone are not true. In other words, the tipster states that the emerging snapshots are not of the upcoming flagship. Perhaps, it could be a different model that may take place in the time ahead.

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Supporting the tipster, another user agreed with the shared tweet and mentioned that there isn’t any proper Hasselblad branding on the handset. Thus, we cannot confirm that the image reflects the OnePlus 11 smartphone.

Stretching the discussion to some more extent, the user wrote that it could be the OnePlus 11R model. Since the Chinese tech maker often releases the R series after the standard variants, we could accept the point in some manner.

But we didn’t have any affirmation on the new statements. So what is this? Is it a OnePlus 11 smartphone render, or just a fake appearance? Well, it won’t be right to utter any word on this matter for the moment. Yet, we will keep you posted with the latest pinches and news headlines on this subject. So STAY TUNED!

OnePlus 11 – Bigger and Better!

Earlier we reported that the OnePlus 11 smartphone will bring a giant circular camera design to its rear end. On the flip side, the entire model and its layout show that the upcoming OnePlus edition is going to be bigger and better.

The overall highlight of the previous rendering was good enough. For the moment, things aren’t crystal clear. But it seems like the device will going to be a massive hit on the surface. So stay connected with us to grab the latest and official news on the board.

Oh! These are not OnePlus 11 smartphone renders: Tipster[Source]