Samsung explains Windows 11 benefits for Galaxy Book laptops

Windows 11

Samsung Galaxy Book series, which is designed to work seamlessly with other Galaxy devices, including tablets and smartphones, is becoming more and more powerful. Microsoft launched the new Windows 11 on October 5, which includes split-screen UI options and multiple windows, extended access to Android PC applications, visual interface, and other advanced features.


Similar to the advanced experience set for users when Windows 11 was launched, Samsung’s Galaxy Book series is designed to carefully consider lifestyle changes and the need for improved devices to improve mobility and use Galaxy devices at home and work.

With Link to Windows, you can connect your Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy Book series devices to use the large screen to improve work efficiency and easily use your favorite mobile applications in the PC environment.

Including updates, you can check the connection status of your phone, manage audio controls and enable the “Do Not Disturb” mode in the Galaxy Book series, all with the help of a standard user interface, just like you see on Galaxy smartphones and tablets Use your PC for control seamlessly like that. The link with Windows also has a black Mode, which provides a luxurious experience at any time of the day.

Maximize mobility and ecosystem experience

With the introduction of Windows 11, the live wallpapers in the Galaxy Book series have also been upgraded. The live wallpaper now supports the same user interface as on Galaxy smartphones and tablets, and the same live wallpaper image as on the Galaxy live lock screen.

Users can enjoy a series of high-quality background images from 10 different categories of live wallpapers, which are dedicated to this feature. With the live wallpaper update, you can enjoy the same background on all Galaxy phones, tablets, and PCs.

In addition, to take your device one step further, Samsung has launched Bixby on Windows for Galaxy Book users, providing you with an accurate way to communicate with your PC.

With simple voice commands, you can search for files, open applications, set up and manage devices in the SmartThings registration system. Just say “Hi Bixby” or press CTRL, Shift, and B or FN and B at the same time to use Bixby on Windows, and enjoy easy installation by visiting the Microsoft Store or searching for Bixby in the Windows taskbar.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 5G will be Samsung’s first laptop with Windows 11. Existing Galaxy Book series devices are also compatible with Windows 11, and users are eligible to upgrade to this new operating system for free.

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