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Google Messages users can now change font size while chatting

by Mohit

Google has its own messaging service known as Google Messages which comes pre-installed with Google Pixel devices and this service is also available with several Android phones. You can access this messaging app on your Android device then you can also download it from the Play Store.

Recently, Google started rolling out end-to-end encryption to future chances to star messages, Google RCS / SMS clients have a number of additions that were in the recent past. Now you pinch-zoom to change the font size of the Google message for Android.

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The functionality is quite simple and starts with opening the thread. In extreme cases, two fingers zoom in on the text in the current window, but on the app panel, will remain in the past. All the time entries and message bubbles adjust accordingly, including the prompt and any entered text in the compose field. Icons, like contact avatars and the send button, and menus remain static.

There are several steps and you can adjust to go back to the default size. The user adjusts the font size at the same time when the keyboard is open. The current font size is applied in all phone call streams, but it is important that the view is the same.

In the past, those who wanted to get more Google Messages needed to go into their system settings and adjust the font size of the screen to make it look like all devices. It’s a great piece of software at the software level. However, even though this configuration is very intuitive, it is completely hidden in the eye.

This is the ability to change the font size of Google messages, it turned out that only today, and for some, it takes a lot of time. It’s not clear what’s for this version, but this amendment is available in the current version, including the last 8.3.026 beta versions.

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