iPhone 12 users can download iOS updates faster over 5G cellular network

Apple introduced an option to use 5G cellular data for downloading iOS updates along with its first-ever 5G iPhones.

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This ability to download iOS updates over cellular networks is limited to the 5G iPhones. All the other iPhones or iPhone 12 still requires a WiFi connection, if they try to use the 4G LTE to download the update.

Here’s how you can download the iOS updates over the 5G network. Enable the ‘Allow More Data on 5G’ mode in the settings. To do so:

  • Go to Settings
  • Cellular
  • Cellular Data Options
  • Then, Data Mode
  • And then, enable the ‘Allow More Data’ mode

‘Allow More Data on 5G’ mode provides higher quality video and FaceTime calls and also allows third-party apps to use more data for a more enhanced experience while using 5G networks.

The document from Apple support also confirms that Dual SIM mode in the iPhone 12 still not support 5G on either line except for China. However, it will be available soon in other countries as well.

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