Xiaomi’s futuristic concept smartphone surrounded by an 88-degree curved waterfall display

Recently, the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun announced that the company is preparing to launch the much-awaited Mi MIX series smartphones, which is known as the most expensive mobile phone of Chinese companies.

Now, Xiaomi has teased that it will release some new and innovative things, which will be exciting. It seems that the company wants to reveal its first Quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone, which offers curved displays on all four sides of the device.

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Xiaomi has officially shared a poster showing the concept device. As per the image, it can be seen that all four sides of the device are tilted around the device at an angle of 88 degrees.

Although curved edges are not new in the industry but having all four curved edges never been observed before. Moreover, the company’s first Quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone is actually a unique smartphone, which also emphasizes ‘innovation’.

From the front side, the device seems to be mostly covered by the display except for the corners. In addition, the smartphone maker also announced that it achieved an 88-degree curved surface through “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology to extend the limits of the display to infinity.”

Xiaomi also stated that the device has a ported integrated design and has been manufactured using a total of 46 research and development patents.


Furthermore, other OEMs have also showcased their curved smartphones in the past. But these devices mostly have only two curved edges on both sides of the device and didn’t include the top-notch and lower chin regions of the earpiece.

Although the current Xiaomi concept certainly looks futuristic and compelling, it is unclear whether the company really wants to commercialize the product. We can expect more details will soon be announced by the company.

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