Server DRAM prices are expected to increase by up to 8% in third quarter: Report

After the second quarter, server DRAM prices in the third quarter will rise again. According to market research firm Trend Force’s forecast on the 28th, the price of DRAM used in servers in the third quarter is expected to increase by 3% to 8% over the previous quarter.

In April last year, server DRAM prices increased by 18.57% from the previous month. Trend Force said: “Dram suppliers have increased server DRAM production due to increased server market demand, but compared with server DRAM orders, the supply is still less than 100%.”

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​​”In the second half of this year, as Intel and AMD increase the server market Based on the CPU shipments of the new processor platform, the demand for enterprise solid-state drives (SSD) is expected to surge.

It is expected that server procurement activities such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), Microsoft, and Facebook will increase this year compared to last year, leading to demand DRAM.

In addition, Tencent is expanding its server array business, and Baidu is expanding its servers for autonomous vehicle infrastructure. Trend Force announced that it has revised its forecast for the server market growth in the second quarter from 19.6% to 17.7%.


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