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OnePlus 9 Tips & Tricks: Here’s how to enable and schedule Always on Ambient Display [OxygenOS 11]

Got a new OnePlus 9 series phone? Then you should check out this tip for the Ambient display on your device. The Ambient Display is yet another exciting feature in the OnePlus 9 series phones and especially the Pro model which makes it more interesting with its curved edge display.

Ambient display is a kind of display feature that shows some important content on the screen when the phone is lifted or the user taps on the screen. It shows info such as time, notifications, and other related information that users wish to see. It can be customized as per the requirement of the user.

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OnePlus has completely changed the meaning of the Ambient display with its new Always-on Ambient Display that has some additional options and that can be set always on all day long to reduce your efforts and get your important info on the go.

This helpful feature was first introduced by Samsung in its flagship Galaxy devices, it then became famous and the company expanded its support to many other mid-range and budget devices as well. Adding several new customizations, OnePlus has also started providing this functionality to its phones.

And now with the latest Android 11 based OxygenOS 11, this feature has become more enhanced and advanced. The Chinese phone maker has now also added its own innovation known as Canvas AOD with it. You can a detailed look at Canvas AOD here.

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There’s a lot more you can do with your Always-on Ambient display on the OnePlus 9 such as setting a schedule that will limit the Ambient display and will just show when you want it to. Well, it’s that easy to set it on your OnePlus 9 device as well. You simply have to get through some steps in your settings and that’s it.

How to set Always-on Ambient Display on OnePlus 9?

  • Open Settings and then search for the Display option
  • Now inside the Display, look for Ambient Display and tap on that
  • You’ll find three options  as off, Schedule, and All-day
  • Just set it to All day if your want it to show always
  • That’s it! Now turn off your phone and check for the changes on the turned-off display

How to Schedule Always-on Ambient Display?

  • To set the schedule you don’t have to go to any other setting
  • Just one of the three options that you just saw on the Always-on Ambient display can do it for you
  • All you need to do is, just tap on the Schedule function that will allow you to set a manual time
  • Now set the time limit for which you want your Ambient Always-on display to show up
  • Hurray! Well, that was interesting stuff to do and with that my OnePlus 9 Pro looks even cooler than before

If you are facing trouble with setting up this feature then here’s a little demonstration to that using some screenshot you can take help from here:

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