Apple iOS 15.7 and macOS Monterey 12.6 update comes with bug fixes

Along with iOS 16, Apple has also released a new update iOS 15.7 for the users running iOS 15. This update clearly describes some improvements and bug fixes for your iPhone and adds support for all models. Additionally, Apple also released an update for macOS Monterey.


The iOS 15.7 update is specially released for the users who will not be able to upgrade their Apple device to iOS 16, the update is released over the air and is available with a package of 372.6MB. Whereas, the macOS Monterey update comes with version 12.6 and 1.59GB.

All the users are recommended to download this update, as it will bring fixes for several issues. This iOS 15.7 is a host of security updates for iPhone owners who wish to remain on the 2021 software for now, rather than immediately upgrade to iOS 16.

Apple iOS 15.7 UPDATE

Moreover, iOS now offers a choice between two software update versions in the Settings app. You can update to the latest version of iOS 16 for the most renowned features and the complete set of security updates. Or can continue with 15.7 version update.

The preference is all yours, whether you want to go with the iOS 16 to experience its latest offerings and features or you want to stick to the previous iOS 15 with iOS 15.7 revamped security and bug fixes to ensure the entire stability before downloading the final iOS 16.

if you plan to go straight to iOS 16, you don’t need to download iOS 15.7 first. The bug fixes mentioned within the release notes are all contained within iOS 16 too. You can just hit the Upgrade to iOS 16 option that sits below iOS 15.7.

Users who are interested in the iOS 15.7 update, can head to the Settings menu followed by Software Update. Here you will see the option to install iOS 15.7 on the top and below it the option to install iOS 16. If you want to download the latest iOS 15.7 update, click on the Download and Install button.


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