Apple announces new App Store tax and price changes for Kenya, Nigeria, Peru and Sweden

by Ashish

Apple announced on Monday that there will be some changes in App Store taxes and prices in Kenya, Nigeria, Peru, and Sweden. Although Apple will increase the prices of apps and transactions in most of the countries mentioned above, prices in one of these countries will drop soon.

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Apple confirmed the price change in an email sent to developers participating in the Apple Developer Program today. According to the company, prices will be adjusted due to fluctuations in local taxes or international currency exchange rates.

Here is what Apple said:

“When taxes or foreign exchange rates change, we sometimes need to update App Store prices and/or adjust your earnings in certain regions. In the next few days, apps and in-app purchases on the App Store (not including The price of automatic renewal will change.”

In Kenya, due to a new 16% value-added tax, plus another 1.5% tax applicable to foreign developers, Apple is raising prices. In Nigeria, there is a new 7.5% tax that has caused Apple to increase its price. Peru’s app store will increase prices, while Sweden’s prices will decrease – most likely due to local currency.

Apple also reminded that although the price in Ireland will not change, “revenues will be adjusted to reflect the situation where the VAT rate is temporarily reduced to 21% and then restored to 23%.” These changes should take effect within the next few days and will affect apps and in-app purchases, including subscriptions through the App Store system.


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